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What We Do


Product & Services mainly include: 

  • Plant & Building Facilities Operation and Maintenance Program based Plant Reliability and Energy Efficiency with expertise in HVAC equipment and other electro-mechanical equipment. Capacities Range: 1 to 10,000 TR. 
  • Equipment retrofitting / refrigerant conversion. 
  • Installation, rehabilitation, and repair of all types of air-conditioning equipment for residential, 
commercial and industrial application.

  • Equipment performance, energy evaluation, audit and assessment (using ultrasonic energy/ ow 
meter, power/data logger, vibration analyzer, oil analysis, tubes boroscope (medical grade camera) 
and other diagnostics and precision tools).
  • Value and cost re-engineering including proprietary parts, materials, and services or its acceptable 
  • Design and Built for HVAC system (air-conditioning and ventilation)
  • General Contractor - Structural & Civil Works.
  • Supply and installation of all types of chilled water and direct expansion cooling coil, heat exchangers 
(shell and tube assembly) and refurbishment of air handling units.
  • Cooling Tower rehabilitation and retrofitting.
  • Chilled water & condenser water piping.
  • Ducting and ventilation works.
  • Insulation & cladding works.
  • Compressor general overhauling (centrifugal, screw & reciprocating) – all brands. 
  • Other electromechanical works. 
Equipment We Install and Operate, Maintain and Repair (all brands)
  • Water-cooled centrifugal chillers up to 1200 TR (all brands). Plant/s under contract are large tonnages up to 8,000 TR plant.
  • Water cooled screw and reciprocating chillers (all brands).
  • Air cooled scroll and reciprocating chillers (all brands).
  • Cooling Towers.
  • Chilled and Condenser Water Pumps.
  • Air Handling Units / Fan Coil Units (Chilled and Direct Expansion Types).
  • Direct Expansion or split type aircon units. (Conventional, Inverter and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) 
  • All types of equipment controls such as VSD/VFD; Solid State Starter, WYE Delta; with or without BMS.








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